Data Engineer at Saxo Bank

Job Description

The job is in Data Solutions under Data Engineering where you will collaborate with developers, analysts and data scientists across Saxo Bank. We evaluate, recommend, and advocate the use of data solutions. So far, concretely, this means that we offer tools such as Power BI, Elasticsearch and Azure Analysis Services to various groups in the Bank. The future is likely to add Kafka, Apache Spark and graph technologies to the portfolio. You will initially be working on maturing and developing our Elasticsearch production platform, but further down the line, other technologies will come into play.


We also implement specific solutions on the platforms in collaboration with, for instance, data scientists and Wholesale (who deal with white labeling our products to other Banks). As such, we provide an analytical platform for our white label partners and provide data engineering around models that predict quality and value of leads, churn risk and lifetime value. The position will require you to be both curious and pragmatic about new technologies and that you are able to – in a hands-on way as well – implement solutions using appropriate technologies (NoSQL, relational, graph).




  • Design and build solutions on distributed database environments (NoSQL, graph, search)
  • Recommend appropriate use cases for different data technologies (e.g. graph, NoSQL, relational, streaming)
  • Define development patterns for other developers that use data platforms
  • Created automated standard solutions that handle specific types of workloads (e.g. log aggregation)
  • Design and automate infrastructure, monitoring and release processes
  • Define and manage best practices in configuration and management of data
  • Ensure that all systems are managed with highest regard for data security and scalability



This is a hands-on role, so you will need;

  • DevOps experience, preferably from a regulated environment
  • Full lifecycle experience with e.g. Elastic Stack, Apache Spark or graph databases
  • Experienced in C# (or other compiled programming language), PowerShell, JSON, YAML, REST APIs
  • Experience with Elasticsearch, Filebeat and Kibana is highly desirable
  • Experience with Team Foundation Server build and release management is desirable
  • Exposure to ServiceNow is desirable
  • Exposure to Microsoft Azure desirable


For more information please contact John De Filippo

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